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Virtualization is used by most IT managers as a way of increasing productivity and they are not mistaken. Your hardware virtualization is a perfect way to reduce running costs and increase accessibility to mission-critical software and knowledge. Network virtualization also has the potential to increase the security of the data in your business.

When we talk of virtualization, cloud computing is #1. Instead of storing data physically on a physical disk, virtualization ensures you store data in the cloud remotely. Because of cyber hackers, some experts may be worried about bringing confidential data cyber… but contrary to common opinion, virtualization is actually very secure.

Here are three of the main reasons why server virtualization supports the small or medium-sized business of today.

1. Cloud Migration Made Easier

Related to cloud computing, the virtualization of servers makes it much easier to transfer the data resources to the cloud. Essentially, you’re taking a big step in incorporating cloud computing into your infrastructure policy by virtualizing your system. Cloud computing advantages include improved access to information. This can help the team do their work better.

Effective and cost-effective migration of workloads to the cloud requires meticulous preparation and research, and if you launch the project with guesswork, you can only find it more challenging. This is particularly relevant as the virtual machine workloads are moved to the cloud.

You need to prepare carefully and ask the right questions to ensure you get the value you need at the best price possible. The virtual machine workloads that are being migrated to the cloud usually reflect a dynamic ecosystem that serves mission critical applications, but without the right platform this can be dangerous.

2. Remarkable Uptime

For a physical server, a hacker attack, hardware failure, or repair may result in it going down at any second. Downtime is a topic that is enough to worry even the most experienced professionals. If your staff is unable to obtain information or software that are critical to your activities, you are wasting revenue. When you lose money, your company isn’t working effectively.

As with hardware specifications, virtual servers are more versatile. At GlobeVM we are able to easily incorporate a system that serves as a backup in case of a disaster. It is much faster and more affordable for a virtual server to be replaced after a hardware breakdown or other catastrophe. It can easily be transferred to another virtual server, instead of going through the buying process and incorporating a costly new piece of technology into the infrastructure.

Virtualization helps you to provide several servers for loading the balance or failover, while making the resources more open to customers. You can also schedule the repairs by taking one of the servers offline during business hours.

3. Application Isolation

You have the opportunity to isolate programs when you virtualize your server. Obviously, this was possible when you implemented the “one program per server” maxim, but this would result in an enormous amount of unnecessary office space (not to mention the excessive administrative costs involved with running so many servers). Underused servers should be avoided at all costs because they are losing time and money.

A virtual machine takes all of these programs and gives them just what they need to function effectively, rather than using an underused machine to waste valuable energy. These programs are run in a managed environment where they are supplied with only necessary resources to function properly, without impacting the rest of the system. You can run some legacy applications which require special requirements to work properly. A virtual server can respond to the unique needs of each program , making them scalable and efficient.

Virtualization benefits in terms of security and isolation, as it keeps virtual computers distinct and separated from one another.  Because containers are just isolating data and programs at process level, they offer a less protected environment and rely on the host system’s security protocol.

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