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GlobeVM: Pioneering IT Solutions Since 2000

Founded in 2000, GlobeVM has been a trusted partner in IT services, working directly with businesses and through contractors. We have proudly undertaken major projects, such as serving as the project engineer for the Los Angeles DMV and managing 197 regional offices across California.

Our expertise was instrumental in configuring traffic cameras for the city of Agoura Hills and transitioning their network infrastructure to the cloud. 

Our collaboration with iconic venues and corporations, including LA Dodgers Stadium and Litton Aero, underscores our capability to provide robust network support.

Additionally, we’ve assisted prominent law firms like HFDC in enhancing their IT infrastructure and cloud migration efforts, further solidifying our reputation as leaders in innovative and reliable IT solutions.

GlobeVM has also provided comprehensive network support to the City of Los Angeles, including servers, computers, and hardware upgrades.

GlobeVM expertly designed, configured, and implemented the network infrastructure for Mikuni, the leading Japanese manufacturer of engine components. This project spanned Mikuni’s central and regional offices across three countries, showcasing our ability to efficiently manage complex, multinational IT solutions.

Meet The GlobeVM Team

Nazy Rafaeil

  • Role: Digital Marketing, Editor, Senior Content Writer, SEO Strategist
  • Experience: 23 years in IT solutions, specializing in network security and ransomware attacks. CEO at GlobeSem, CCSP certified, expert in SEO & PPC.

George Mansoor

  • Role: Senior Network Engineer
  • Specialization: CCIE certified, specializes in designing and implementing complex network infrastructures.

Elias Lotfi

  • Role: Advertising Consultant, Marketing Specialist, Promotional Advisor
  • Qualifications: MBA, an expert in Affiliate Marketing, and trained in NLP techniques.

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