Disaster recovery plan procedures are one of the most important elements in having a secure and reliable network.

Security is one of, if not the most, crucial focuses an IT consulting company should strive to serve.

A customer’s protection from us would be complete protection of the server. Of all of the internet security solutions, we have extensively researched which programs are most effective in creating a secured system.

Our top choices include Cisco and Sonicwall for firewalls, Barracuda for spam, and Norton for both anti-virus and spam.

This includes the use of top technology such as:

Citrix Secure Web Gateway
Citrix Web App Firewall

These keep your network covered for breaches and malware attacks. We also place a focus on preparing for the worst, which means having a back-up and recovery plan in place for disasters. This is a huge benefit of virtual networking, as instant backups and constant recovery points can be easily created. This ensures your data and hard work is safe, even if a disaster strikes. We are trained to help recover your system and will make sure that your downtime is always minimal in the worst-case scenario.