Remote Access & Management

Are you an office administrator searching for a simpler way to manage your employees’ programs and files?

Or, are you an employee in need of a convenient way to share files from your home computer to your office computer or vice versa?

Citrix would benefit both customers more than any other remote accessing system. What Citrix does that other companies do not, is creating an ultimate central computing system that multiple accounts can access.

Enjoy the efficient system that Citrix has created including the ability to print documents from a distant source in your very own home. With convenience in mind, Globe VM fully supports the use of Citrix.

It means you can manage your business with ease. Each user is given remote access to their workspace. This is an ideal way for team members to continue working from home or have access around the clock if necessary.

Their pre-installed workspace is a secure installation of their necessary apps, files, and documents that are all accessible via the cloud.

Management has easy access to all workspaces and can edit, adjust or adapt, changing permissions or share settings in an instant. Switching to a remote management system is easy with Globe VM. Our migration is quick and effortless with minimal downtime. We use the latest cloud technology to offer you a reliable service that is focused on speed, ease of use and the highest level of security.

You can also avail of Citrix Analytics to help further manage your team members.