How is Virtualization Delivered?

When choosing to switch to a virtualized system, you have three options for delivery. You can consider your company’s own needs and choose the method most suited to what you require. We offer a range of options to custom fit your business.

On-Location Delivery
We visit your location to directly build your cloud on a local basis. This integrates your systems, data and applications on-site, effective immediately after our visit.

Hybrid Delivery
Your cloud is hosted, much like internet hosting. This is fused with our own virtualization methods to create a hybrid cloud service.

Private Cloud Delivery
All your resources are hosted and secured at one data center. This is given to you with encrypted access. Your cloud is then available anywhere via internet connection.

Choose the right cloud for your business. We then assist with migration, maintenance, management and support. Ask us for a free consultation to discover more. We’ll help you assess which cloud type is best suited to your needs.

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