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At GlobeVM, we prioritize recovery, business continuity, cloud services and cost management, so that you can have safe and reliable high-performance storage.  We find the most cost-efficient storage solutions to process your data so that you won’t need to use outdated, inconvenient, insecure and expensive technology anymore.

With virtualization, we make virtual servers to store and read data instead of using physical equipment, which is more efficient and saves you more money.

Physical servers can be expensive to buy and maintain, and hardware is often susceptible to failure. The risk of losing all of your data is not worth the potential outcome. Your business could lose everything without proper storage solutions, and this is where GlobeVM can help out.

With physical servers you have to hire expensive contractors and and IT staff to help out with setup, configuration, maintenance and any potential problems/repairs you may run into, more than likely.  These costs and fees can pile up, driving your business and profits down. Also, physical servers can take up a ton of much-needed and expensive space. Switching to virtualization can save you an arm and a leg.

Virtual servers have cheaper up front costs than physical servers, since you don’t have to purchase all of the physical hardware.

They require less dependance on external resources than physical servers since all the controls are in the palm of your hand. You have complete and constant access to all of your files, data and applications whenever you want.

You no longer have to pay the steep costs of constant maintenance and malfunction solving. Companies can save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by using virtualization instead of physical servers. You will save money on deployment, utilities, facilities, labor and hardware, while reallocating all of this money into your business.

If security is a priority than virtualization is best for you. With the use of encryption technology and cloud storage, you no longer have to risk having your data infiltrated or stolen.

Physical servers can crash or break and you could instantly lose all of your precious data. With virtual servers it is always safe and sound. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

If you hire GlobeVM, we can help guide you through the entire process of understanding data, applications and processes and why they are critical to your company. We can accommodate your company budget and come up with the most cost-efficient and innovative solutions for your data.

Since virtualization servers are all online and offsite, you’ll have a major advantage in terms of disaster recovery. If your whole company’s workload is on one single physical server in-house, failure could mean losing everything and your business crumbling to ashes.

With virtual servers there is no limit to how far your business can fly, because your data is protected. You can constantly increase storage and performance within the limits of your budget, increasing workload efficiency. Space and risk is no longer an issue with the help of virtualization.

GlobeVM offers data center consultancy to businesses of all shapes and sizes, doing whatever it takes to ensure that our clientele’s needs are met. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out more about how your company can make the switch to virtualization.


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